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MRI Scan

Mediscan operate with 1.5T MRI Machine to automate all imaging process, making them faster and simpler. The equipment can detect even slight movements during catching the image and make instant corrections, eliminating additional exams and facilitating faster diagnostics.

The new Integrated Panoramic Array Coil concept (IPA) is designated to keep the duration of the study to minimum possible time with facilitating maximum comfort to the patient.

The system can be used to study a wide range of clinical applications, including neurology, angiography, spectroscopy and orthopedic examinations.

TMRI is exclusively designated to increase efficiency of the observation. . In the new Siemens MRI System, procedure is so easy as the coils need to be positioned suitably for the examination. This speeds up the whole procedure and accurate readings. Since the duration of the study is too short the patients feel comfortable. The rest is done automatically and provide reliable, high quality diagnostic results.

An MRI scan can be used to study almost all the parts of the body, which includes:

  • brain and spinal cord
  • bones and joints
  • breasts
  • heart and blood vessels
  • internal organs, such as the liver, womb or prostate gland